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Updated: Feb 27

Embark on a Journey Through Betsy & Iya's Origins Before Diving Into the Artistry Behind Our Largest Commercial Remodel Project Yet

A view from outside of the shop window on opening night. "Betsy + Iya" is written on the glass, and you can see jewelry cases and people mingling inside the shop.
A view of the inside of the completed FIINA showroom on opening night

By the end of Fall 2023, Build Forward completed our largest commercial remodeling project to date. In a series of forthcoming blogs, we will spotlight our friends at Betsy + Iya and FIINA (Betsy & Iya’s fine jewelry line) and their origins, and delve into some different aspects of this project and its success. In this blog, we will be focusing on setting the stage for the beginnings of the project, and what stood out to us about the brand when we embarked on this partnership made in heaven.

A view of a jewelry showroom from the top of a flight of stairs. There are jewelry display cases, a red runner rug between them and unique lighting throughout the store. There is view of the street outside through large glass windows.
Our completed remodel from above. Image via @fiina_jewelry on Instagram.

The world of Betsy & Iya began in 2008. From its inception as a simple idea to start making jewelry, it has blossomed into a multi faceted brand with core values that set them apart from the crowd, an online shop, and now a newly remodeled home base in their cozy and design focused brick and mortar shop in Portland, OR. They make and design everything in house, and make sure to hone in on the values of slow fashion and independent, thoughtful design.

Three people gathered around a jewelry display case, looking at the merchandise and mingling.
Guests admiring the goods on opening night

“I own the shop with my husband, Will. He and I both come from creative backgrounds. We met while pursuing degrees in theater. I’m a more classic creative type, while Will is amazing at spreadsheets, systems and organization. Our skill sets are definitely complementary and have really strengthened the business,” (Betsy).

A shelving display with homewares for sale and decorative plants.
A few homewares on display in store

In addition to their own jewelry lines that they carry in store, they also feature and showcase other lines and brands from around the country that align with their values as independent artists and designers.

“At Betsy & Iya, we are very selective about the lines we bring into the shop. For all non-Betsy & Iya products that we stock, including clothing, the factors we look for are quality, great design, and affordability. We focus on handmade goods that are produced in small batches by the designers themselves or close-to where the pieces are designed. We develop a personal relationship with the makers of the lines we carry. Before bringing a line into the shop we inquire about where their materials are sourced and how big their teams are. We believe in building a sense of community, with our customers, with the shops that carry our line, and with the producers of the lines we stock,” (Betsy & Will).

A rendering of a remodeling project for a jewelry store. There are multiple views of the store, highlighting unique design elements
Build Forward's rendering of the project before their vision came to life

A few dozen people buzzing around jewelry display cases on opening night.
Guests buzzing around the finished product

A fine jewelry storefront with a guest walking out of the door.
The finished storefront in all of its twinkling glory

Our team at Build Forward were beyond excited and readily invested in the project when we came across it. Sharing similar values of wanting to build a sense of community through our work, and focusing on independent design and sustainable practices, we knew we could make something beautiful out of this partnership. Tune in next month for more insight on the design process, and how we addressed the commercial needs of this unique remodel.

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All images, unlesss otherwise noted, by Genny Moller.

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