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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We get having a budget, we really do. In fact, we recognize it as one of the most important aspects of a remodel. We deliver estimates based not only on current retail pricing for materials (think “market price” at a seafood restaurant), but also on our commitment to quality and craftsmanship as well as healthy, happy employees. Our goal is not to be the cheapest design build, but the best. Our commitment is in our estimate.

Many homeowners get discouraged when presented with an estimate. TV reality shows and other platforms have set an unrealistic expectation for consumers looking to renovate their home. Not only are the timelines often unattainable, more than not, so is the budget. A well-executed remodel takes time, is an investment, and in reality, is a complete emotional roller coaster.



Looking for a refresh? This is a great option if you love your current kitchen but are looking for an update. This could include painting cabinets, replacing or refinishing the floor, adding a backsplash, replacing lighting and fixtures, and updating countertops with stone, quartz, or the material of your choice. Cosmetic kitchen remodel price range: 60,000-75,000.


If you love the layout of your kitchen but are looking to replace dated cabinetry, tile, flooring, etc., you land in this category. This remodel can include removing and replacing cabinetry, updating countertops to quartz or a similar product, fixture replacement, lighting design, and other improvements. In place kitchen remodel range: 75,000-100,000.


Do you need to move plumbing or gas/electrical appliances? Add on additional space, or remove a wall? This is where the custom remodel comes in. With a custom remodel you have all of the features of a general remodel plus any design plans and architectural plans necessary to execute this type of project. Moving plumbing and electrical outlets, or adding gas will naturally increase the price of the project and the scope of work. In the end, you will have exactly what you want! Full custom kitchen model range: 100,000+.



Similar to a cosmetic kitchen update, this job retains the layout and all plumbing and electrical fixtures. It can include updates to the tub and shower with tile, and even glass partitions or glass doors. Depending on your selection, this can also include replacing the sink/and or vanity as well as faucets, mirrors, lighting, flooring and accessories. Cosmetic bathroom remodel range: 35,000-55,000.


This option includes keeping all plumbing and electrical in its original spot. With this option all fixtures can be replaced (toilet, sink, tub) as well as tile, flooring, accessories, faucets, lighting…the whole package! In addition you have the option to replace or possibly add cabinetry and other storage solutions. In place bathroom remodel range: 55,000-75,000.


Want to add a wet room? Maybe a curbless shower or a soaking tub? As with any remodel, it's all about your needs, wants, and personal taste. A full custom bath remodel could include changing location of plumbing items (sink, toilet, tub, and shower), moving walls, or starting from scratch with an en-suite or even attic bathroom. Of course, tile, fixtures, lighting, mirrors, accessories, and everything included in the In Place Remodel are available as well as custom cabinetry and storage. Here you have the freedom and potential to create your ideal escape oasis right at home. Full custom bathroom remodel range: 75,000+.



If you are looking to cozy up your basement or just add a guest bedroom this is a great place to start. We work with the existing layout of the basement and go from there. Using partition walls, we can create or add a bedroom, a mechanical room, and a social space such as a family room, T.V. room, or game room depending on your vision. This option also includes updating the electrical wiring to comply with code, and creating access to an emergency exit, such as an egress window. With this option we can replace flooring with LVT or simply paint or stain the existing cement to refresh and modernize the space according to your taste. This option utilizes mid-range selections, and pre-finished or prefabricated cabinets as needed. This option sets you up with a usable, finished, heated living space. Maybe a man cave? Cosmetic basement remodel range: 70,000-100,000.


Basements can create challenges when turning them into living spaces, one being plumbing. If you are looking to create a guest suite or use the area for more than tv and games, it is possible to utilize existing plumbing locations to create at minimum, a powder room type bathroom for your guests, and maybe even a shower! This option involves creating a separate living space that can be used as a separate area for a family member, or just as a guest bedroom with its own bathroom and kitchenette with custom cabinets. Using partition walls, we can also create separate spaces such as another bedroom, family room, home office, or yoga studio depending on your needs. One of the main features of this range is the option to create separate access to the basement using another door. We will take care of all drainage issues that need to be taken care of, insulate the walls, and bring all electrical wiring up to code, In addition we will execute a full assessment of drainage issues so that your new space stays warm and dry. In place basement remodel range: 100,000-150,000.


If you are interested in a full additional living space, either for family, or perhaps an ADU for extra income, a full remodel is for you. Here we will work with local requirements to create a completely separate space. We have two certified ADU builders on our team to ensure all criteria is met. This space will include a full bathroom, living area, separate entrance, full kitchen, and however many rooms the space will allow, according to your needs. Finish materials, as with any project, will greatly determine the final cost of the full basement remodel. Full basement remodel range: 150,000+.

All this being said, it’s important to keep in mind that these are very broad generalizations. Price is affected not only by the market but by your taste. A single bathtub can range from 600.00 to 6,000.00. Your taste and selections will have the biggest effect on your overall budget. Lower priced selections typically account for 30-35% of a project, so as you can imagine, the higher the cost of selections, the higher the cost of the project.

Additionally, every home presents its own challenges. There may be unseen structural damage or previous design flaws. The “unknowns” are common and in these cases costs may increase in order to retain the integrity and safety of your project.

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