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Updated: Mar 14, 2023


Guys, it is so hot in Portland right now. Don’t get me wrong, I am from Phoenix and grew up rolling my eyes when I heard complaints from other parts of the country being 100 degrees. But here I am, a Portland resident for over 17 years and now 100 degrees is hot. Okay? Don’t forget, Phoenix is a dry heat (just kidding, once you are over 110 hot is hot). Anyway, it’s hot in the Pacific Northwest.

The thing is, unlike Phoenix it only stays hot here for about 5 minutes, so I never really considered investing in a pool. So why am I considering (lies...this is going to happen) it now?

I blame it all on style queen Emily Henderson (also a Portland resident btw) and this blog post.

(Image via , design by @brimoysa)

That innocent little post sent me down a rabbit hole I can not escape from. But again, using a pool for five minutes a year? Why would I even consider such a thing? Well, there’s a few reasons. One, I’m not known for practicality. I tend to favor form over function because I just really love pretty things. But I try ok? Which lead me to reason two. I will convert it to a hot tub, turns out you can do that. Side note, Portland summer nights boast gloriously perfect weather for hot tubbing. Reason three, during hot summer days we can just turn down the heat and have a nice mild temperature soaking tub? With mimosas of course. Four, if you have ever been hot tubbing in the snow or freezing cold rain, which we have plenty of here, then you know. And that is how I can make a case for a tiny soaking pool in rainy Portland, Oregon. But wait, what? A stock tank soaking pool? Like, a horse trough soaking pool? Well, yeah, why not? It holds water.

While Bri designed the adorbs pool above and transformed it from what her daughter called a "giant cake pan" I don’t really love the idea of plunking down a tiny metal pool in my own yard. It is sloped and bumpy, and there is probably more “presents” from my two dogs lingering around than I care to admit. And this, my friends, was the fuel for my trip down the rabbit hole. Why not expand on this idea and incorporate my tiny soaking tub/hot tub, micro pool into a deck area?

Bring on the inspo! Let's be honest, we're all just here for the pictures anyway.

(Image via, Design by Raila Clasen @raila_ca_design, Photo: @karynmillet)

You follow me now? I am aware that this design doesn't use a stock tank, but there are examples of wrapping your tank in cedar planks all over the internet, as well as the choice of upgrading to an actual cedar spa.

Next up...this little backyard oasis

This full deck under a tree with string lights? I'm in.

Hello to you too.

(Image via @carly_priestley)

Midnight dip

(Image via Imgur)

Ok, this one isn't on a deck...but guys, how cute is this??

(Image via Real Homes, Image credit @designermumetc)

Are you convinced as well?

Send us your ideas :)

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