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Updated: Feb 27

If you're anything like me, your pets most likely have it made in the shade. As in, there's barely room for me on the couch and I am allotted approximately 10% of my king size bed. Turns out, most Americans are like me and there are studies to prove it, of course.

According to a 2023 poll 82% of Americans actively shopping for a home take into account the needs of their pets, giving them the same priority as the rest of the family. In fact, 72% said they would pass up their otherwise dream home if the needs of their pets couldn't be met.

But you guys, there is a name for this movement and it is gold. Barkitecture. Seriously, how cute is that? (There are still plenty of considerations for kitties too, but c' rhymes!)

And designers are not holding back. Take a look at some of our faves.


We have been watching Emily Henderson's transformation of her farmhouse since she started. And the use of the mudroom doubling as a dog wash station/feeding station/paw wipe station... is not only brilliant but gorgeous. Emily also lives in Portland and knows the absolute mess the 8 months of rain we get creates for pet owners. Head over to her blog to get advice, details of the design, as well as honest benefits and drawbacks of her doggie mudroom.


Ok, these little guys have it made! This cat walk leads to their people's room through a little cut out in the floor./ceiling. And their people get to have an amazing statement piece of a built-in bookcase!


Sacrificing just a tiny bit of cabinet space can save a lot of spills and kicked over pet bowls. Locating it right next to an existing water line makes it easier to install a pot filler over the water dish. Oh the luxury! And here I am just dreaming of a pot filler installed for...actual pots.

Don't have the cabinet space to spare? Build it right into the toekick! Genius use of space. I am just in love with EVERYTHING about this kitchen. Including that sweet fluffer.


Carve out some space for your little monster under the stairs or shelving, throw in a comfy bed and crawl in their with them! I'm not gonna lie, if I had one of these in my house it would be my spot.

(That face!)

Obviously not everyone has the means to pamper their pets to this degree, but we've also compiled a list of DIY pet projects that we will share soon!

But really, if you are in the market for a new kitchen, study, office, family room remodel it can be pretty simple to add any of these features to your project. That is the beauty of design build and we would love to help you build your dream space!

Reach out to us with any questions!

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