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Inspiration for Crafting Functional Artistry with Built-Ins for Every Aspect of Your Life

In the realm of interior design, built-ins have become a hallmark of well-thought-out and personalized spaces. As a detail oriented team, we understand the transformative power of built-in elements, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. In this blog, we'll share some innovative ideas and inspiration we've been loving, that can help elevate your space in small but unique ways.

Dynamic Bookcases

Calling all readers! Imagine a space where the walls themselves tell a story. Dynamic bookcases are not just storage solutions; they can be an artistic expression of your literary journey. Consider an arched frame for your shelving that mirrors the plot arc of a great novel, or incorporate hidden compartments to add an element of mystery. Try experimenting with contrasting materials to create a visually striking effect – think reclaimed wood against sleek metal or glass. These bookcases can become more than shelves; they can become a narrative woven into the fabric of your home.

Claiming the Window Seat

For those seeking the perfect reading nook (for yourself or your little ones), why not integrate a window seat with built-in storage? This multifunctional solution not only maximizes space but also invites natural light into your reading sanctuary. Customize the window seat with plush cushions and accent pillows, turning it into a cozy retreat. It creates a harmonious blend of functionality and comfort, creating a space where imagination takes flight.

Cozy Nooks for Furry Friends

As we mentioned in our recent blog about Barkitecture, pets are cherished members of the family, and incorporating their needs into your design can be both practical and heartwarming. Consider creating cozy nooks within built-in furniture, complete with soft cushions or integrated feeding stations. These pet-friendly alcoves can not only provide comfort for your furry companions but also seamlessly blend into the overall design of your space, ensuring that everyone in the family feels right at home.

The Art of Display

Let your cherished belongings take center stage with floating shelves that defy convention. You can experiment with shapes, sizes, and configurations to create a visually captivating display. Try installing LED lighting to accentuate the shelves, turning your collectibles, fine ceramics, or even plants into a curated exhibit. These not only offer practical storage but also serve as a canvas for your artistic endeavors or interests, transforming your space into a gallery of memories.

The Ultimate Workspace

As remote work has become the norm, the integration of a desk within some cabinetry can bring the space to life, and can help your workspace blend into the rest of your home. This functional hybrid-friendly space not only caters to your professional needs, but also serves as a showcase for your favorite reads or decorative items. It's a design that adapts to the evolving nature of our work-life balance.

At Build Forward, we believe that design is a journey, not just a destination. Built-ins offer the canvas on which your unique narrative can unfold. Whether it's a captivating bookcase, a cozy window seat, or a versatile workspace, the possibilities are boundless. Let's get started on redefining your space in ways that mirror your unique personality, one innovative built-in at a time. Contact us here, or send us a message at to get the ball rolling.

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