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Updated: Feb 27

Ideas we love for transforming your outdoor spaces into your own personal paradise

Our homes are often our sanctuaries from the outside world where we seek solace and serenity. As a design-build company dedicated to creating stylish and functional living spaces, we believe that extending the beauty of our interiors to the great outdoors can be quite the transformative experience and definitely worth your while. We invite you to join us as we explore some innovative ideas for crafting a refreshing and calm outdoor living space to enjoy year round. From cozy retreats to vibrant entertainment areas, there are endless possibilities that await in your own backyard!

Spaces to Enjoy Nature

Create a tranquil retreat by integrating elements that harmonize with the surroundings. You can start by incorporating some lush, native greenery, complimentary flowers, and elegant water features. A zen-inspired garden with a trickling waterfall or a peaceful pond can be the focal point of your outdoor escape. You can also try enhancing the ambiance with comfortable seating options like lounge chairs or hammocks, allowing you to unwind and immerse yourself in your outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Kitchen Delights

To go a step further, try incorporating some culinary elements beyond just a stand alone grill with an outdoor kitchen area that caters to your level of gourmet aspirations (whatever that may be!). You can install a built-in grill, a pizza oven, or a smoker, and accessorize your cooking area with however much counter space allows and stylish storage for utensils and ingredients. To create a seamless dining experience, consider an adjacent dining area with a large, sturdy table and comfortable chairs that can still be maintained outdoors. Entertain family and friends with a feast (or just some yummy appetizers!) under the open sky, making memories in a perhaps less used area of your own home.

Entertainment Spaces

When it comes to hosting gatherings, why confine yourself indoors? Try your hand (or get a little help) at designing an alfresco entertainment space that brings a fun and fresh element to your outdoor living experience. Integrating a patio with versatile or modular seating arrangements allows guests to mingle comfortably and stay out of the sun or rain if needed. Incorporate a cozy fire pit or stylish outdoor heaters to extend your entertainment season into the cooler months. For added entertainment value, consider integrating an outdoor theater system or a sound system to play some tunes while you entertain or just to chill outside (while being respectful to the neighbors of course!).

Pools and Water Features

Incorporating a swimming pool or hot tub in your outdoor living space can be a great way to escape the summer heat, or go for a nice soak during the colder months. Depending on yours and home's personal style, the water features you incorporate can range from sleek, modern designs to natural-looking lagoon-style retreats. Combine the calming sound of flowing water with elegant fountains or cascading mini waterfalls, creating an atmosphere of serenity while still creating some movement and a place for the sunlight to bounce off of. If you're going to go the full nine yards, a well-designed poolside area with comfortable loungers and umbrellas completes the picture, offering a perfect spot for sunbathing and unwinding.

Whether you seek tranquility, culinary delights, vibrant entertainment, or refreshing escapes, we at Build Forward are happy to explore just a few of the many possibilities for transforming your backyard into a fun and functional outdoor living space. We hope you are just as inspired as we are! If you're feeling inspired enough to start putting together some of your own ideas, feel free to contact us here or send us a message at



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